Intervene in the restoration of the subsoil without interrupting surface activities.

Riabilitazione Civile - Benassi Srl

Civil Rehabilatation

The civil rehabilitation system is a no-dig method for the rehabilitation of underground sewage and drainage systems. It is a system without excavation and without the use of invaded and destructive systems. Thanks to this technology underground pipes or pipes or in conditions with no possibility of access, can be fully recovered quickly and cleanly with considerable savings and therefore also economic benefits.

The system essentially consists of a textile and flexible lining impregnated with resin and then inserted inside the old tube under the pressure of a water or air column. The system allows to cover the inside of the pipe eliminating all the damaged or potentially sensitive areas. The resin catalyses itself at room temperature, but the polymerization times can be shortened even significantly by introducing hot water or boiling steam into the circulation. Once polymerised, the lining creates a completely new tube inside the old one.

The system was designed and built specifically for the rehabilitation of small pipes with diameters ranging from 50 to 225 mm with one or more bends up to a 90 ° radius and a maximum of two section variations in the same section. Our system is a guarantee of innumerable benefits, but in particular:

• Perform rapid interventions without producing material 0 waste and noiseless waste.

• Allows a significant reduction in costs compared to traditional technologies.

• It also handles corners with a radius up to 90 ° and maximum two section variations on the same section.

• Repairs any type of damage or inadequacy of the pipe.

• Has a useful life of over 50 years.

• Offers an excellent barrier against root penetration and foreign bodies in the rehabilitated pipeline.

• Restores the watertight conditions of the pipeline