Be present in the rehabilitation of the underground without disrupting the surface activity.

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Domestic Lining

The HELIOS DOMESTIC LINING method is a no-dig sewer rehabilitation system for repairing damaged drains and sewers without the need to carry out disruptive excavations. When using Helios Domestic Lining system, there is no disruption or damage to the property and no need for time-consuming pipe laying or reinstatement work. This not only saves time and disruption to the customer but also money.

During the renovation process, a flexible textile liner is soaked in resin and then inserted into the defective pipe using pressurised air or water.  HELIOS DOMESTIC LINING completely lines the inside of the pipe and eliminates any existing or potential damages. The resin cures automatically at the ambient temperature, however, the process can be significantly reduced by passing warm water or steam through the liner. Curing creates a completely new watertight pipe within the old one.

HELIOS DOMESTIC LINING was developed especially for the rehabilitation of small diameter pipes (50 to 225 mm) with multiple bends of up to 90° and can accommodate up to two changes in pipe diameter. Our particularly efficient method of sewer rehabilitation offers numerous benefits:

• Quick renovation without producing waste and noise

• Substantially lower costs than traditional excavation methods

• Multiple bends of up to 90° and two changes in

   pipe diameter can be handled without a problem

• Renovation of all existing and future damage

• Durability of over 50 years

• More effective protection from root penetration

   than newly installed pipes

• Restores water tightness