Be present in the rehabilitation of the underground without disrupting the surface activity.

Mechanical Repair

Rehabilitation with rubber seals and high-strength stainless steel tension bands AMEX-10  is a most versatile system suitable for man-entry applications.  This system is recommended for the repair of cracks or defective pipe portions. It ensures effective point-repairs, sealing of the joints and protection of the pipe walls from corrosive fluids.

AMEX-10 seals are conveniently used for pipe internal diameters from DN 500 to and above DN 8000 with operating pressure of up to 20 bar. They are compatible with a large number of flow types, including gas, drinking water, industrial or irrigation water, black or industrial waste water, hydrocarbons and many more, in both circular or egg-shape, square, rectangular, and polygonal sections.

Because of high-elasticity, AMEX-10 ensures a perfect joint between the two areas on the sides of a cracked portion,  even in cases of soil offsets or vibrations. The high-quality raw materials, and the use of cured, very strong rubber parts translate into repairs  with a life time of over 50 years.   Moreover, specific rubber formulations and special steel types are used depending on the type of flow in the pipe.

Before the installation, the reference area must be manually brush-cleaned and eventually ground to remove corrosion, contamination, and coarse matters. Quite large cracks, need to be filled with quick-setting mortar before installing the seals; alternatively a sheet can be installed on the reference area. The rubber seal is installed in the pipeline using two or more steel bands that are stretched in place using a pneumatic device and secured with wedges.

Because of high-elasticity, AMEX-10 ensure a perfect joint between the two areas on the sides of a cracked portion, even in cases of soil offsets or vibrations. Special tubular sleeves are available for the repair of longer pipe portions, as well as laterals, syphons, etc..

At the end, the installed seals are air-tested by injecting compressed air at 0.5 bar pressure through  a special flat valve.  The seal ends at the pipe wall are treated with a soapy solution, which makes escaping air/bubbles visible.