Benassi the best investment for your construction building

From a family craft activity to a leading company in the road construction sector with investments in real estate and financial activities.

Benassi srl: flooring, urbanization works, demolition with environmental recovery, design and construction of artificial turf fields.

Quality, social responsibility, professionalism and completeness: these are the key words of the entrepreneurial model that characterizes a modern business vision, in line with the economic evolutions of the society of the future.

Benassi srl was founded in 1981, on the initiative of Pietro and Claudio Benassi, and for over 35 years has been working in the construction sector at 360 °: from flooring, to urbanization works, to demolition with environmental recovery, to the rehabilitation of pipelines with technology “No-Dig”.

The company was born thanks to the constancy, tenacity and perseverance that have always characterized the protagonists of the economic fabric of Reggio Emilia, fundamental principles, handed down from generation to generation thanks to the work culture, a true added value. Pietro Benassi together with his brother Claudio started, back in 1973, a craft activity with a family character, in the industrial flooring sector, for many years the main profile of Benassi srl.

Over the years the company has expanded its range of action, also taking care of the restructuring of the courtile areas with asphalt paving, in self-locking of various shapes and colors and in all natural stones a rapidly evolving market.

The economic stimulus and the growing demand of loyal customers over time have meant that Benassi srl has reached levels of excellence in the field of infrastructure and urbanization, realizing the works of the most important projects in the province of Reggio.For example, Benassi has worked on the creation of the “Petali del Giglio”, a new shopping center in the center of Reggio Emilia, distinguishing itself for its great professionalism and managing to deliver the work before the contract expires. Another very important project is “Parco Ottavi”: it is a residential area of over 500.000 square meters destined to become the most prestigious urban center of the city at urban level.

In order to optimize the quality of its service, in 1999 Benassi srl implemented, among the first companies in the sector, the still existing Quality System achieving the UNI ISO 9000 certification and the soa certification, an indispensable certification in public tenders.

In 2005, Benassi used its constant attention to environmental problems by investing resources in a recovery and recycling center for inert materials in an area of 30,000 square meters on the outskirts of the city. In this location the company concentrates the residual material coming from excavations and demolitions, which, after appropriate processing, is reused for road casks and thus drastically reduces the use of gravel coming from the river bed.

Always attentive to new technologies and innovative solutions, the Benassi company has expanded its sector, specializing in the rehabilitation of pipes with the “No-Dig” technology.

Benassi’s interventions come together in the wake of an established tradition, according to which we try to apply new technologies for the recovery of manufactured goods in a measured way, without fractures that could cause a separation between technology and the protection of the territory in which we were born and in which we love to live.