Our story, since 1973
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Development from craftsman’s business to leading infrastructure company


Born into a farming family, at 17 years of age Pietro Benassi had already tried his hand at a variety of jobs in his desire to be independent. Fate led him to work for a company that made industrial floors - hard going, but Pietro enjoyed it. So much so that when the company closed down, he decided to use his last months’ wages to buy enough equipment to start out on his own. Before he turned 18, he had already persuaded his elder brother Claudio to join the venture. It was the first step towards Benassi S.r.l.


The industrial floor market began to be limiting owing to the technical expertise and know-how acquired over the years. Thus Benassi S.r.l. entered the building industry in all respects. Flooring, land development, demolition work with environmental refurbishment were the main services offered. The company became well known and soon achieved levels of excellence: thus, it was called upon to work on the most important projects in the area.


Ours was one of the first companies in the sector to obtain UNI ISO 9001 certification. Meanwhile, we also obtained SOA certification, essential for companies wishing to tender for public contracts.


We established our centre for recovering and recycling aggregates. An area covering some 50,000 square metres dedicated to collecting and processing residue material from excavation and demolition work. The resulting product is used as ballast for making roads, thereby reducing the depletion of riverbed resources.


We become specialised in trenchless pipe rehabilitation. We are fascinated by new technologies and study the different solutions available on the market, still relatively unknown in Italy.


Experience, soundness and a network of partners built up over the years enable us to provide “turnkey” solutions for both civil and industrial building projects.


We achieve high levels of expertise in the trenchless pipe rehabilitation sector. This year marks the first of the professional training courses with the Order of Engineers of Northern Italy.

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50th Anniversary

In our tomorrow

Innovation is a priority
We have proved this by specializing in No-Dig solutions for pipe rehabilitation.

Technical assistance is one of our strengths
Our endeavour is to make it increasingly accurate and available.

Creating a sustainable enterprise is a duty
We intend to continue studying and experimenting with new solutions, true to circular economy principles - beginning with our aggregate storage and recovery centre.

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The journey continues - always.