Be present in the rehabilitation of the underground without disrupting the surface activity.

Idropulizia - Benassi Srl


Hydroblasting is the most common  industrial cleaning application for penetration and removal of heavy deposits.

Our extensive fleet of High Pressure Pumps up to 2500 bar allows to deliver large water volumes to the HP cleaning tools. This enables us to remove difficult materials such as hardened polymer and/or coked or fused curing agents.

A vast range of nozzles, drilling attachments and lances makes for superior cleaning of all exchangers/vessels and towers. We cater our equipment and personnel to effectively match your plant’s performance.

Our specialized equipment includes Roto-clean pipeline cleaners, 3D tank cleaning heads, TEL unit for controlled cleaning of vertical tubes, floor cleaners, water cutting tools and robotic surface cleaners.

By utilizing a combination of high-pressure water, steam, chemicals and specialized accessories, we can clean surfaces otherwise impossible to treat by conventional means.

These include pipeline internals, vessels, columns, furnace, tubes and tanks. Heavy encrustation or chemical residues  can be efficiently removed within a short time.

Functional principle: diesel, or gasoline engines,  electric motors are used to power a pump system that is integrated in an ultra-high-pressure water jetting machine.

High-pressure water is then pumped through the machine inside a  hose to an ultra high pressure gun,   and nozzle changing the water kinetic energy  into ultra high pressure.