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Water washing

Water washing

The hydro-scarifying is one of the current most widely used technologies for industrial cleaning operations and for removing heavy deposits and encrustations.

Hydro-scale is one of the most widely used current technologies for industrial cleaning operations and for removing scale and heavy deposits. Our pump park includes high pressure systems up to 2500 bar with high flow water jet for very high pressure washing. In this way we are able to remove even very old and solidified deposits such as catalysed resins, petroleum coke or molten catalysts.
Our system uses a vast number of nozzles, cutters and lances for the perfect cleaning of any exchanger, tank or tower.

Our equipment and our staff are prepared to fully meet all your requirements and application limits. Our machinery includes, among other things, pipe washing robots, 3D tank cleaning heads, remote controlled units for cleaning vertical pipes, floor cleaning machines, water jet cutting machines and cleaning robots.
Thanks to the combination of high-pressure cleaners, heat, chemicals and other accessories, we are perfectly able to treat even surfaces that are inaccessible with conventional systems.
In particular, hydro-scarification is an excellent solution for cleaning the inside of pipes, pipes, tanks, columns, furnaces and containers in general. Furthermore, we are able to remove flakes, deposits and chemical residues of various kinds in a much faster time compared to traditional cleaning.
The operating principle is easy: a diesel, petrol or electric motor is used to operate the hydraulic system of high pressure water jet machines and its pump. In this way the water fed into the machine is pushed out of the machine, inside an ultra-resistant hose.

The hose in turn ends in a lance and a very high pressure spray gun from which the water comes out through a special nozzle. The nozzle in turn converts the kinetic energy of the water into very high pressure.

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Hydroscarification is one of today's most widely used technologies for industrial cleaning operations and the removal of heavy fouling and deposits.