General contractor
General contractor BenassiAdmin2022 3 February 2023

General contractor - Entrusted to Benassi

We will coordinate and supervise your project. From urbanisation to turnkey construction, we guarantee safe, efficient and contractually-compliant work execution.

Single point of contact, countless benefits

As General Contractor, we will be your main point of contact for all matters related to your project.


Production unit Elettric 80 s.p.a.

A team of highly qualified professionals with in-depth technical expertise, capable of handling a wide range of complex projects.

Choosing and coordinating the professionals involved, such as subcontractors, suppliers and specialists

Production Unit Platform s.p.a.

SuperStore Conad Centro Nord s.c.

Manage the budget, ensuring that costs are kept within established limits.

Supervise the work programme, ensuring completion within the set timeframe.

Production Unit Metalsteel s.p.a.

Production Unit P.A. s.p.a.

Safety in the workplace, for operators and visitors

Solving any problems that may arise during construction

Caseificio Cavola s.c.a. Seasoning Centre