Underground services
Underground services BenassiAdmin2022 24 February 2023

Underground services - Invisible but essential

The provision of adequate underground utilities is essential to ensure the quality of life of local communities and the sustainable development of cities.

The foundations of future living comfort

We realise the infrastructure for basic services that support a building or residential area, such as:

Bank defences: they guarantee soil stability and protection against landslides, offering specialised and customised solutions.

Bank defence
Large Sewer Collectors

Sewerage: sewerage systems for wastewater disposal

Drinking water: water networks for the supply of drinking water to residents.

Telecommunication and Electricity Networks

Communication: telecommunication networks for the provision of services such as telephone and internet.

Special pipelines: offer advanced solutions for transporting and handling special fluids or materials. They are custom-designed, ensuring the reliability and efficiency required for customers' specific applications.

Special Pipelines
Sewer drains

Drainage systems: are designed to manage the drainage and control of water, preventing flooding and ensuring the safety of the affected areas.

Drinking water: water networks for the supply of drinking water to residents and purification plants.

Purification plants