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Urbanisation - The solid foundations of a building project

The basis of all construction is the infrastructure that makes a plot of land buildable. Benassi’s urbanisation services prepare the land to be enhanced by your project.

The partner that makes the difference

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Residential Area Correggio (RE)

Over 50 years of experience, a solid and reliable company, synonymous with quality and expertise in the industry.

Highly specialised technical department, a team of experts ready to provide innovative and customised solutions for customers' needs.

Commercial Area Casalgrande (RE)

Parking Terminal One - Station A.V. (RE)

Professionally qualified direct labour, no subcontracting. We guarantee a competent and reliable team to meet customers' needs with high quality standards.

Benassi Srl has a large fleet of its own machinery that allows it to deal with a wide range of processes and products, guaranteeing flexibility and adaptability to customer needs.

Residential Area Sassuolo (MO)

Commercial Area Reggio Emilia

Maximum adherence to deadlines and rapid project execution. Our efficient organisation and focus on effectiveness enable us to deliver timely solutions.

Benassi Srl is at the forefront of technological innovation, using the latest technologies to develop cutting-edge products and solutions.

Philip Morris Industrial Area