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Digital inspection of pipe | CCTV

Helios is able to realize closed circuit TV inspection with digital camera (CCTV) Color of tubes from diameter 80 up to 3000 mm.
Helios is able to carry out television inspections with a closed circuit digital CCTV camera of 80 to 3000 mm diameter tubes.
The difficulty of access makes the evaluation of the internal state of pipes and carried out a rather difficult task. However, thanks to new and recent technological advances it is now possible to carry out these checks by applying the methods and guidelines established by industrial standards. The exceptional tool used for pipe and channel inspections are the closed circuit cameras that produce reports that can be decoded by specialized operators.
The camera is mounted on motorized or non-motorized trolleys, which are pushed or pulled inside the duct so as to allow the camera to detect the condition of the network. The camera begins the inspection with the meter counter set to zero, ie the point where the camera takes the profile image between the end of the pit and the beginning of the tube.
As the camera proceeds inside the tube it also records the distance from the starting point and in the meantime an operator detects any damage and problems using standard coding methods.
In addition to the inspection of sewage pipes, closed circuit television cameras can also be used for the control of the side and relative connections. In this way, it is possible to cover the entire sewer system by identifying all possible infiltration and leakage areas.
Robotic cutters

It may happen that the normal robots are not able to advance in the pipe due to insurmountable obstacles that do not allow to finish the inspection. In some of these cases, it is necessary to intervene with different measures and machines.
The robotic cutters allow to overcome barriers and obstacles solving the problem. In fact, the cutter crushes any material, even hard, such as cement, and reduces the risk of blocking inside the tube, allowing the camera to proceed.
In addition to clearing the path of the camera, the hydraulic cutter is a very useful tool even for small auxiliary work during repairs.

If during the inspection, the intrusion of foreign bodies is detected which, although not blocking the entire circular section of the duct, limits its flow capacity, the cutter can be used to remove the foreign body, restoring the normal flow of the tube.

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We are able to perform colour digital closed circuit television (CCTV) inspections of pipes from diameter 80 up to 3000 mm.