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1. Drinking water
3. Industrial water
5. Hot water
2. Waste water
4. Service water
6. Sea water

Primus Line® is suitable for transporting a variety of liquids in the water sector and has obtained permits for drinking water in different countries. Thanks to the extremely smooth internal coating, the ideal sliding characteristics and the optimized systems for high, medium and low pressures, Primus Line® is the most economical choice to rehabilitate old pipes. Water agencies and managers can count on a sustainable and reliable operation that guarantees consistent profits.


1. Natural gas
3. Sour gas
2. Sweet gas
4. Mixed gas

Gaseous substances pose particular challenges to the rehabilitation of excavation-free pipelines.
However, the use of an inner layer of limited permeability plastic, the production of seamless sections up to 4500 meters long of tubular, made it possible to rehabilitate gas pipes with Primus Line®.
A monitoring tube with a valve fixed to the old pipeline makes it possible to monitor the specific annular space of the system, after the rehabilitation intervention


1. Crude oil
3. Burning oil
5. Slag
2. Refined oils
4. Fuel

The oil industry faces new problems due to the damage caused by corrosion to steel pipelines. Any losses could cause significant environmental damage with increased costs and loss of reputation for the operators in the sector. Primus Line® is suitable for the rehabilitation of oil pipelines thanks to the special inner layer, it acts as a barrier for corrosion between the transported fluid and the main pipeline.

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Water emergency in the city of Messina. Temporary bypass from 660 l / s of the Fiumefreddo pipeline. Calatabiano (CT), November 2015.

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