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Manual rehabilitation


Our specialists can solve any problem of infiltration or penetration of foreign substances in the cockpit

Our specialists can solve any problem of infiltration or penetration of external substances in the cockpit by restoring the conditions “as is better than before” in much shorter times than those needed to replace them and at much lower costs.

Epoxy resins: Our technicians use a wide range of 100% epoxy resins, solid and zero-VOC (volatile organic compounds) to meet any need. These are very high quality products that can be sprayed and spread in layers up to 250 mm thick when wet. If applied on vertical walls or suspended surfaces they do not drip. If necessary, they can be modified according to the modulus of elasticity and resistance to bending required. They can also be catalysed under water and in any case they are a guarantee of excellent resistance to corrosion even in the presence of elevated concentrations of sulfuric and sulphuric acid, sodium hydroxide, and many other chemical agents.
Cement mortars: Our services also include the reconstruction of wells with specific mixtures.

These high strength formulations lend themselves to the production of monolithic membranes from 10 to 30 millimeters thick in a single coat. In this way, the structural integrity of the most damaged wells is fully recovered while also solving the problems of corrosion, infiltration and leakage.
The sewer wells are particularly exposed to the adverse effects of atmospheric agents and to the multi-year action of sand and debris. With the SHOTCRETE system it is possible to recover entire decades of useful life of the structures without the need for complete renovations.
The presence of non-standard joints between the pipes and the consequent leakage of flow from these openings causes the generation of voids on the outer surface of the pipe.
These vacuum pockets can in turn cause the instability of the ground, bending or in the most serious cases the collapse of the road surface above the pipe. In this case, SHOTCRETE is the right answer.
A jet is poured under pressure onto the outer surface of the tube so as to fill these vacuum zones and restore stability conditions. In this way, it is possible to recover entire lines and pipelines.

The repair of the wells with the SHOTCRETE method does not involve destructive works, nor interruption of road traffic. The flow inside the well is kept active during all the rehabilitation phases.

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Our specialists can solve any problem of infiltration or penetration of external substances into the sump, restoring its condition 'as good as and better than before' in a much shorter time than it would take to replace it, and at a much lower cost.