UV-CIPP rehabilitation of 2 km of sewer pipes BenassiAdmin2022 1 March 2020

UV-CIPP rehabilitation of 2 km of sewer pipes- Monza

Restoration with UV-CIPP technology

Rehabilitation of one of the large sewer manifolds of Monza, approximately 2 km in overall length, concluded successfully and in full compliance with the lead times.

The work involved 885 m of DN800 circular pipeline, 308 m of DN1000 circular pipeline and 692 m of 12000×1800 of oval pipeline (DN1500) installed within an area between viale Stucchi and viale delle Industrie, two of the city’s main thoroughfares. Thanks to use of UV-CIPP technology, the work was completed with the least possible impact on these heavily trafficked arteries.

The work mainly involved the centre of the avenue along the landscaped median that separated the two carriageways, with resulting optimum rehabilitation of the sewer system, positive effects on the environment and abatement of social costs.


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Monza, vanguard in rehabilitation

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