The consolidation of the subsoil without disruption of the surface.

“Benassi Srl’s company know-how includes a number of “trenchless” technologies for the remediation, construction and maintenance of any kind of underground conduit.

Among these the company has specialized in CIPP remediation (via column holdup inversion, compressed air and UV lining), Pipe Bursting, Microtunnelling, Sliplining and Pipe Jacking)

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Benassi the best investment for your construction work

Founded in 1981, Benassi started out as a company paving small outdoor yards with self-locking blocks. In the following yards Benassi expanded its resources purchasing diggers and bulldozers. It extended its offer and started building sewer junctions and biological waste purification plants. In the Nineties, thanks to its growing rolling stock, acquired experience and specialized staff, Benassi focused on the urban sector (roads, parking lots, technological networks) while introducing new materials in its paving business: porphyry stone, granite and every kind of natural stone.

From 1995 the company has established itself as one of the top operators in its field. Hence its focus on an ever more demanding market, its commitment to ongoing renewal of machines and equipment, hiring specialized technical staff, and its pledge to maintain the highest standards in the business.

In 2005 Benassi’s keen interest in environmental issues is fulfilled with the purchase of a recycling plant for inert materials. Here the company brings waste materials from excavations and demolitions to be ground into a secondary raw material suitable for producing roadbeds.

Considerable experience, quality and expertise at the customer’s service.